Tip: On May 3, Steven Fisher, CEO of PEI-Genesis, announced that it has acquired FilConn, a manufacturer of high-precision, high-reliability filters, transient suppression, and custom-configured connectors. Mainly used in military aviation, medical, transportation, oil / natural gas and other fields.

industrial connector

The acquisition allows the company to better meet customer demand for small batches, fast delivery and customized connectors.

“We are positioning ourselves as a company focused on solving customer technical problems.” Fisher said, “This acquisition will strengthen our technical capabilities, from the initial stage of design to delivery, to further strengthen the customer relationship with us.”

FilConn’s ability to quickly produce high-precision mechanized devices meets the highest quality standards and reduces time-to-market to weeks instead of months.

“Our suppliers have a wide range of standardized products, but they are unable to meet the needs of small-volume customization.” Fisher further said, “It can respond quickly within 48 hours, while completing the small-volume customization needs in a few weeks, for our existing The design and ability to provide added value are a good complement.”

“We will achieve the perfect fit,” adds Mark Pendergrass, president of FilConn. “The team at Bitlink is as passionate about providing customized, fast delivery and connected solutions to our customers. Through team integration, we can A broader customer base demonstrates our unique capabilities.”

Subsequent FilConn will operate as an independent company, and Bitcoin will continue to work with FilConn in a licensed manner.

FilConn President Mark Pendergrass and Sales Director Jason Pedruzzi remain in the position of FilConn and will be a member of the Advanced Sales team at Bitcoin.

The Becky connector will also continue to support FilConn’s existing distributor and agent network.