Corporate Culture

We help customer to provide best customized industrial connectors and cables solution

ADAMICU has more than 10 years of connector production experience, from the company’s team of several people to the current hundreds of people, is the designated supplier of connectors trusted by Fortune 500 companies

From OEM/ODM to the creation of the “ADAMICU” brand, from ordinary connectors to industrial connectors, we are constantly moving towards high-quality and high-end markets.

Corporate culture is the soul of the company. We infiltrate this culture into the hearts of every ADAMICU team and tell every customer.

Establishing the world famous brand of ADAMICU, this has never changed

In the future, we keep moving forward



TO build ADAMICU world famous brand


Our focus on the manufacturing of industrial connectors&cables for more than 10 years .Our products show the reliability & high connectivity under the harsh environment.Our approach is service- and solution-orientedOur continuous R&D is the basis for the consistent high quality and reliability of our technology. Not to mention the expertise of our employees, oriented to the growing challenges of our customers and their applications.When it comes to reliable electrical connector technology that’s able to handle various types of stress while delivering top performance—we’re the partner you can turn to.We consistently turn this philosophy into reality through our product strategy


Provide more reliable and stable industrial
connectivity solutions, gain a reputation and extend the reliability of connectors into the global in industrial connectivity area


Our focus on industrial connectivity development and manufacturing,constantly improve the automated production facilities, the development of high-tech products, the industry has become influential company. Provide first-class product and service to help customers create higher values


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ADAMICU provide industrial connect cable assembly customized,Know more products, Free to get pdf products catalog

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