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ZTE cable communications systems

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ZTE cable communications systems

  • 100% PVC material quality.
  • Stable delivery:7 to 15 workday after confirming the order.
  • Excellent shielding interference effect.
  • Connect to minimize induced signal noise.
  • Testing devices for FCC and CE Acceptance.
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Application: mainly used for transmitting audio, analog signals of 150kHZ and below, and digital signals of 2048kbit/s and below. Under certain conditions, it can also be used to transmit digital signals above 2048 kbit/s. Suitable for aerial or pipeline laying in the city, suburbs and local areas, and can also be buried directly
Product performance:
1. DC resistance: 20°C, 0.4mm copper wire, less than or equal to 148Ω/km, 0.5mm copper wire, less than or equal to 95Ω/km.
2. Insulation electric strength: no breakdown between conductors 1min 1kv conductor and shield 1min 3kv no breakdown
3. Insulation resistance: Each core wire is grounded to the rest of the wire core, HYA cable is greater than 10000MΩ.km, and HYAT cable is greater than 3000MΩ.km.
4. Working Capacitance: Average 52±2nF/km 5. Far-end crosstalk defense: When 150kHZ is specified, the average power of the specified combination is greater than 69dB/km.

  • More than 5 years experiences cooperated with worldwide manufacturers and wholesalers,
    as well as provided OEM for famous connector brands.
  • One-stop supplier, various types of connectors and cables for your choice.
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  • Professional sales team with ERP system to provide the best service for you.
  • Free samples are available.

Testing Report of ZTE cable communications systems

  • The Wire Testing Machine is for testing comprehensiveness of cable like insulation.
  •  Then to make sure the safety of the wire to avoid short circuit or case broken.
  • Microcomputer twisting machine for two pairs of twisting wire’s setting. Then to make sure they are different reduce signal’s interference.
  • The Low resistance testing can test the common range of resistance cable. Then make sure all the cables achieving the standard range.
  •  Tensile Testing machine will examine the tensions of the cables . Then to ensure the bending of cable.
  • The bending is more than 10 million times and the general type is more than 5 million times.

How to order

  •  Bulk orders and sample orders are available and welcomed.
  •  For the private ordering, please provide your samples and drawings.
  •  Your comments and interests are much appreciative, please send your requests to us. Our sales stuff will provide detailed quotation, specification sheet and catalog to you for reference.


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