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Best quality 68 pin SCSI Cable Suppliers

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Best quality 68 pin SCSI Cable Suppliers

  • Made of 100% PVC material quality.
  • Professional design concept.
  • Stable delivery:7 to 15 workday after confirming the order.
  • Common Pin count:15 Pin,25 Pin,37 Pin,50 Pin,68 Pin,100 Pin.
  • Color and length can be customized.
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Adam® 68 Pin SCSI Cable.the connector pin arrangement in two rows. The top row has 34 pins and the lower row has 34 pins. Often use the cable in Industrial equipment.

  • Premium Cable for reliable and durable system performance.
  • Excellent shielding interference effect.
  • Connect minimize induced signal noise.
  • Flexible yet has a single end impedance of 90 ohms.
  • Used in testing devices for FCC and CE Acceptance.


We are the manufactures with more than 10 years experiences of SCSI connectors/cables.During these years,we evolved to include a vast array of ever improving standards with complex combinations of connection standards.SCSI is still widely used on many legacy systems but finding the right type of connector/cable for your system can be difficult.Thankfully,we have a wide array of SCSI connectors/cables for many of the most popular systems that have come up the years.Therefore,we have the advantages both in the price and the lead time.


Detailed images of 68 pin SCSI Cable

Best quality 68 pin SCSI Cable Suppliers




Specification of 68 pin SCSI Cable

68 pin SCSI Cable
Item Information
Common Pin count of DB 15 Pin 25 Pin 37 Pin 5 0Pin
Common Pin count of HPDB 50 Pin 68Pin 100Pin
Connector A gender 68 Pin Male
Connector B gender 68 Pin Male
Color Black
Cable Length 2M / can be customized
Application Industrial equipment
Cable Spec. 28AWG
Cable Insulation PVC
Cable conductor Tinned copper or bare copper
Insulation impedance 10M ohms
Operation Temperature -40℃ to +105℃
Packin PE



Testing report of 68 pin SCSI Cable

Low resistance testing

Test the insulation resistance,wire short circuit and temperature to ensure suitable working environment.

Microcomputer twisting machine By measuring the capacitive reactance and integrity,Then will determine the capacitive reactance of the cable
Wire Testing Machine A.Tests pin to pin connection of cable.  

B.Checks for opens.  

C.Checks for wire to shielding shorts

Tensile testing machine Test the flexibility tensile extensibility. Then ensure the bending of cable and the general type.



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Best quality 68 pin SCSI Cable Suppliers



How to order

  • If possible please provide me your drawings and datasheet.
  • Bulk orders and sample orders are available and welcomed.
  • For the private ordering, please provide your samples and drawings.
  • Your comments and interests are much appreciative.
  • In stock,deliver at 3 to 7 days.


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