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What is SCSI

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What is SCSI


SCSI(Small Computer System Interface)is technological designed to connect the device to a computer.

SCSI is also called bus technology, which means that all devices connected to a central bus and are “daisy-chained” together. SCSI bus is controlled by a host controller which will usually be embedded into the motherboard, also can be extended from a single card.SCSI connector is either external or internal.

The cable/connector requirements depend upon the location of the SCSI bus. SCSI using three different signal types, Single-Ended (SE), Differential (HVD or high-voltage differential), and LVD (or low-voltage differential). The most important things to remember when you choose your SCSI cable is the type of connector required by your devices, and the location of the cable, either internal or external.


SCSI is widely used in workstations, servers,network servers, and mainframes,where several hard drives can be easily set up as a RAID configuration. If one drive fails, it can be removed and insert a new one, without loss of data, while the system is still running. This feature of RAID hardware is called hot-swapping.

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