what is a vga monitor?Understand what is the VGA monitor before we have to analyze the difference between the monitor and the monitor.

vga monitor

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Can the monitor replace the monitor? For this problem, some people may think that the display and monitor functions are not very different, can be used interchangeably, in fact not the case, compared to ordinary monitors, monitors there are many to meet the needs of complex monitoring needs, The following is a detailed analysis for reference.

People think that the monitor in fact, “can be used on the line” nothing to pay attention to, it is not true, it is a great learning to buy. Some consumers may have encountered such a problem: their own set up monitoring equipment, in the purchase of analog surveillance cameras and DVR video system, found that the actual formation of the image effect is much worse than the trial in the business there, the same products and equipment, why There will be the effect of the gap? Finally, we found that the original is the reason for the monitor, many civilian buyers in order to save money, and did not buy a dedicated monitor monitor equipment, but with an idle monitor or TV as a monitor, The quality of the image depends only on the effect of the camera, put most of the energy and money are placed in the surveillance camera above, thus ignoring the role of monitoring the monitor, resulting in differences in performance. Can be seen, the monitor can replace the monitor this question, the answer is obvious.

LCD monitors or LCD TVs are civilian displays, and LCD monitors are industrial displays, the reason for this distinction is because the use of LCD monitors require a higher, more environmentally friendly, need to meet the following requirements, as follows:
LCD monitor to achieve multi-angle dynamic monitoring; LCD monitor to have a very convenient handling; LCD monitor needs to have anti-interference and radiation protection function; LCD monitor need to have a good cooling function to ensure its stable and normal The LCD monitor needs 24 hours of continuous work, so its stability, reliability requirements are very high; LCD monitor for static or dark field and other special screen processing requirements are high.


In general, for the monitor can not replace the monitor this problem, the user directly with LCD TV or LCD monitor to replace the LCD monitor to monitor the operation, this is not no reason, after all, its cheap bar, but also played a monitoring The role of. If you use the LCD TV monitor, in the case of better signal, the effect may be and LCD monitor effect is not very different, but when the signal is not good, the effect will be significantly worse.

Through the above simple understanding, we know what is the monitor, the current market is also common vga monitor, as the name suggests is with vga interface monitor, HD vga interface more and more popular, so for the vga connector, the The company’s sales in the rising, I believe the next few years, or the occupation of the major markets!

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