The data bus connector (DB connector) is a connector for connecting serial and parallel cables to the data bus. DB connector, data bus connector, that is: parallel input and output connectors. Db9-f, fenale, female, is a jack, that is, we often say the mother; db9-M, male, male, is a pin, that we often say the male. When used, the male pins are inserted into the female jacks for electrical connection. The identification of the DB head is generally PIN to their own, large face up, looking for numbers.

The data bus connector naming format is DB-x and x represents the number of wires in the connector. Each line is connected to a bolt in the connector, but in many cases, not all of the bolts are assigned a function. The data bus connector is defined by various EIA / TIA standards. Is a class of connectors used to connect sequences and parallel cables to a data bus. The DB connector is named in DB-x format, where x represents the number of lines within the connector (line). Each line is connected to a pin in the connector, but in many cases, not all pins are assigned. DB connectors are 9, 15, 25, 37 and 50 pin sizes. The DB connector defines the physical structure of the connector, not the purpose of each line. For example,the DB-9 has nine pins and is used to connect a mouse. The DB-25 has 25 pins and is used to connect a printer.