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how much does a vga cable cost?

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how much does a vga cable cost?

VGA interface is a D interface, see below, we know a VGA connector is 15 hole,three rows,each row of five hole.Two pos. is NC(Not Connect) signals, three pos. is display data interface, five pos. is GND signals, the most important other three pos. is RGB color signal and two pos. is HSYNC and VSYNC synchronous scanning signal.The VGA interface color component by using rs343 level standard, The peak to peak voltage rs343 level standard for 1V. The VGA interface is used for graphics interface type widely, most of the graphics with the interfaceSome non VGA interface and DVI interface with graphics,we can through a simple DVI interface adapter into VGA

vga 15 pin d type connector

how much does a vga cable cost? In ADAMICU,a VGA cable is about 4 to 20 U.S.dollars,VGA signal cable is used to connect the VGA interface cable equipment,it is 1.5 meters, 2 meters, 3 meters, 5 meters, 10 meters, 15 meters and other kinds of specifications.And we can custom other specification. It is used in computer,diplay,TV, projector and other device.

VGA male to male cable, female to male cable,female to female cable can be provided, undistorted transmission and 3+6 core structure.

         male to male vga cable with ferrite cores

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