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ip67 waterproof standard D-Sub Panel Mount Solder Connectors

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ip67 waterproof standard D-Sub Panel Mount Solder Connectors

ip67 waterproof standard D-Sub Panel Mount Solder Connectors,All waterproof d sub connector wholesalers & waterproof d sub connector manufacturers come from ADAMICU. We provide waterproof d sub connector products or service, please contact us directly.

Harsh outdoor or indoor environments can destroy electronic equipment. ip67 waterproof standard D-Sub are not intended to withstand contaminants such as water and dust. These waterproof solder cup connectors are available in male or female genders and DB9, DB15, DB25, and DB7W2 sizes. Adam Electronic Technology‘s ip67 waterproof standard D-Sub will accommodate wire ranges from 30 – 20 AWG. Construction features gold plated brass contacts, nickel plated steel shells, and a silicone insulating ring. Maximum recommended panel thickness is 0.078″.

     especially,adamicu provides high power waterproof 7w2 connector,Combination D-SUB Connectors provide the ideal solution for applications to require power, signal and coaxial connections within one connector. This series of connectors achieves space saving on PCB’s and I/O designs.
Within this product family are various pin out configurations possible. Almost endless selections can be created mixing power, signal and coaxial contacts.
Examples are coaxial contacts handling frequencies up to 2 GHz. Power contacts from 10 amp to 40 amp current handling. Signal contacts in various styles complete the product offering.
Industry standard terminations types, solder cup, PCB contacts in straight and angled pin configurations. Crimp types and wire wrap contacts.

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  • More than 10 years experiences cooperated with worldwide manufacturers and wholesalers,as well as provided OEM for famous connector brands.
  • One-stop supplier, various types of connectors and cables for your choice.
  • Lean production, certified raw-material and stable vendor to ensure the quality of product to meet your strict quality needs.
  • Professional sales team with ERP system to provide the best service for you.
  • Your small order or customized requirement can be satisfied.
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