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what is a vga adaptor?

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what is a vga adaptor?

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Product Name: DVI (24 + 5) male to 15Pin VGA female adapter
Manufacturer: ADAMICU
Colour: Black
Interface: Standard VGA female / DVI (24 + 5) male
Shield: head copper foil wrapped
Process: thick 24k gold-plated interface
Packing: PE carton carton



[appearance] gold-plated interface, exquisite workmanship
2, [effect] transmission stability, high-definition conversion smooth, realistic picture, high-definition delicate, excellent results
3, [easy] transmission lossless signal conversion, plug and play, easy to carry, free welding

Product advantages:

1, thickening 24K gold-plated terminal technology: both ends of the interface are 24K gold-plated process, reducing the transmission impedance, reduce signal loss rate, anti-oxidation corrosion resistance, ultra-wear resistance, better contact than the general product, thereby enhancing the conversion The overall performance
2, all copper interface pin core: the internal copper contact welding, copper core to better ability to pass, reduce losses, optimize the transmission channel to ensure high-definition video quality
3, durable and environmentally friendly PVC outside: the new environmentally friendly PVC material, ultra-wear-resistant, the outer surface through the anti-skid design, convenient frequency plug

Product Usage:

1, the VGA computer cable transfer to the TV, projector and other DVI video equipment
2, for the host computer and a variety of liquid crystal displays, digital TV connection, high-end graphics cards are equipped with a DVI interface, such as you want to use dual monitors, DVI to VGA interface to achieve
3, for DVI24 +5 interface with the desktop graphics card transfer to the VGA interface with the monitor / projector / TV

Tips: DVI interface is divided into DVI-D (pure digital) and DVI-I (digital plus analog). If you want DVI to VGA signal, your DVI interface type must be DVI-I type, that is, 18 +5 or 24 +5 DVI interface, otherwise the signal may not be able to transfer.
In addition, Adam also provides a vga mother to mother conversion head, vga mother on the convertible, as shown below:

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