SCSI,The Small Computer Systems Interface,ADAMICU provides VHDCI (Very High Density Cable Interconnect) SCSI CABLE,A very-high-density cable interconnect (VHDCI) is a 68-pin connector that was introduced in the SPI-3 document of SCSI-3!
    The VHDCI SCSI cable from ADAMICU allows you to connect a high density peripheral to any other peripheral or SCSI host adapter with a 68-pin VHDCI connector. This 4m cable from ADAMICU adheres to SCSI specifications, ensuring enhanced performance and data integrity.

High quality VHDCI Ultra320 SCSI cable VHDCI SCSI cable manufacturer from ADAMICU

68 pin VHDCI Customized SCSI Cables

68 pin Customized VHDCI SCSI cable manufacturer from ADAMICU

  • By measuring the capacitive reactance and integrity,Then will determine the capacitive reactance of
    the cable.
  • Test the insulation resistance,wire short circuit and temperature to ensure suitable working
  • Test the flexibility tensile extensibility. Then ensure the bending of cable and the general type

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