ADAMICU is a leading China producer and international supplier of camera Link,IEEE 1394, USB, GigE cable for the industrial machine vision market.we have relatively complete molds, production equipments, and sophisticated testing equipments,and most of all we have stable component suppliers.Building on the technical knowledge of our engineering staff, backed by our quality manufacturing expertise, our mission is to provide high quality, high performance, state-of-the-art product solutions.

Types Of Industrial Camera

  • camera Link Camera
  • IEEE 1394 Camera
  • USB Camera
  • GigE Camera

Main Brand 

  • HITACHI cameras
  • Sentehc cameras
  • Sony cameras
  • Aegis cameras


The industrial camera is a good fit for many applications.

  • Industry
  • Medical
  • Projectors
  • Sports

Find Camera Ralated Products

 Camera Link Cable
 IEEE 1394 Cable
 GiGE Cable
 Camera USB Cable
 Hirose Cable

Find Other ADAMICU Products

 D-sub Connector
 USB Connector
 SCSI Connector
 Computer Video Connector
 Circular Connector
 Audio Video Cable
 Circular Connector
 Equipment Harnesses Cable
 USB Cable
 Optical Interconnect Cable
 SCSI Cable
 Automotive Diagnostic Cable

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